A Weirdos Summer Bucket List


I love my job. I love working with kids (teenagers) and I love the school I work at.

With that said: I’m over it.

Not forever of course but, dang, I am ready for summer break.

I have told several people I want my summer to look like if Jillian Harris lived in Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood.

What does that look like?

  • Happy/polite people
  • The occasional musical number
  • Perfectly manicured feet and hands

Realistic? I don’t know, but shoot for the moon and you will land amongst the stars, am I right?

In an effort to reach my unrealistic half-baked romanticized completely plausible goals, I have created a summer bucket list.

Learn how to play the Ukulele

What better way to ensure my summer vacation involves musical numbers than to learn a new instrument?

Why ukulele? Well, probably the same reasoning which led me to play the flute in high school band: it’s easy to carry, and it’s fun looking. I feel like, as a vocalist, the ukulele is significantly more practical than for me than a flute. At least I can sing along as I play… you can’t sing and play the flute at the same time… I tried… it was weird.


Dear Netflix, You’re ruining my summer plans. It is only day three of summer holidays and I have completed my Netflix bucket list goals. I need to be a contributing, educated member of society, and you’re making it hard.

Yours truly,


P.S. Orange is the New Black, I can’t wait a year. I need to know what happens to the pool dwellers. Show on the road, folks!

Okay but seriously, binge watching is real, and it is dangerous. I have a stack of books next to my bed and I have churned through the first… hmmm, couple chapters of all of them, but not much further than that.

Top of my list right now: “Why Not Me?” by Mindy Kaling

I am looking forward to reading for the sake of good ol’ fashion fun, and not for school or work. I’m looking at you, “To Kill A Mocking Bird.”

Any other fun summer reads I should be adding to my list?


Do not judge me, but I LOVE cleaning and organizing the house. Opening a new box of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers is a spiritual experience for me.

A good purge of junk? Oh yeah!

Organizing the storage closet? Give it to me baby!

Scrubbing the tub? Oooh, it hurts so good and I love it!

We just bought a vacuum, and I actually daydream about using it. This summer, all of my Jillian Harris/Mr. Rogers dreams will come true.

Swiffer: check!

Magic Eraser: check!

Vacuum: check!

Good, wholesome fun: check, check!

Local Adventures 

Not a giant surprise to those who know me: I do not do camping. I figure humans have spent their entire lives trying to improve their living conditions. Who am I stick my nose up at progress?

Every friend loves to insist that camping with them is some how “different” than camping experiences I have had in the past.

“Oh Ashley, my camping cooking is the best, you’ll love it”

“Oh Ashley, I set up a superior tent, you’ll be magically cozy with me”

“Oh Ashley, you’ll love peeing outside in my presence”

Lies. All lies.


With that said, I do enjoy the outdoors… I just want to shower and sleep in my bed at the end of the day.

The perfect solution? Day trips!


The husband and I have been using the weekends for mini-hikes (like Quarry Rock) and some casual trails (like Lower Falls). However, we are on the lookout for some new, moderate hikes.

Any can-not-miss hikes in the Vancouver area?

My hubby suggested the Grouse Grind; I laughed and laughed.

I am also interested in trying my hand at other mild-adventures. Kayaking in Deep Cove is on the list.

Any suggestions for other adventures that won’t kill me?

Also on the summer time bucket list: nap, visit friends, and hopefully have at least one weekend getaway with the Hubs.

How about you? What’s on your summer bucket list?


7 thoughts on “A Weirdos Summer Bucket List

  1. Ok you are the third person to mention this Quarry Rock hike. Never heard of it until now. How long was it? Was it in the shade most of the way up?


  2. Ashley, I loved this. This Summer I am learning Italian, going to TUTS: Theatre under the Stars to see Mary Poppins ( this is my favourite Summer activity). Last year I went to Salt Spring Gulf Island (best coffee) so will try another one or two other islands! Have also started a new workout routine. I too do not camp, Rod tells people my idea of camping is The Four Seasons Hotel- I am ok with that.


    1. That’s an awesome summer bucket list Clara! You’re my kind of gal– musicals, Italian, and hotels? Right up my alley haha. Where are you learning Italian? I’ve been wanting to learn for years!


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