About The Ashley Rhapsody

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find on this blog:

  • Love letters to places, inanimate objects, celebrities, and boy bands
  • Coherent and incoherent ramblings about my hopes, dreams, and fears
  • Maybe some sort of “Ask Ashley” column where I can answer all of your deep life questions… because of course, I have the answers you need
  • I may begin dabbling in fortune telling, all of which will be complete nonsense
  • My “softer-side”… like Sears but better

Things you won’t find on this blog:

  • Dieting advice
  • Parenting advice
  • Tips on how to care for your cats
  • How to solve a Rubik’s cube in under one minute
  • Guides for surviving in the wilderness

Welcome to The Ashley Rhapsody.

Enjoy the ride.


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