About The Ashley Rhapsody

Hi friends!

My name is Ashley. My life’s mission is to use my voice to bring joy; whether I’m singing, speaking, or writing. My hunky husband Gideon (Giddy), my sweet baby girl Suubi and I live in Vancouver B.C. but also call Uganda our home. In an attempt to become more like the VonTrapp family from “The Sound of Music,” my husband and I have a band. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook as His|Hers Music.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find here on The Ashley Rhapsody:

  • Joy-inducing stories, music, and ramblings
  • Love letters to places, inanimate objects, and celebrities
  • I may begin dabbling in fortune telling, all of which will be complete nonsense

Things you won’t find here:

  • Tips on how to care for your cats
  • How to solve a Rubik’s cube in under one minute
  • Microsoft Troubleshooting

The She Loves Magazine community is also home to some of my writing contributions (and also a ton of other awesome ladies telling their stories); check them out!

Welcome to The Ashley Rhapsody.

Enjoy the ride.