Indoor (Free/Cheap) Play for Rainy Vancouver Days

It can be a lot of fun to throw on the muddy buddy and go play in the rain, but let’s also be real, I have yet to find an adult muddy buddy and standing out in the rain supervising gets old fast.⁣ SO I’m constantly compiling lists of fun indoor activities for those days I really don’t want fresh air.

☔️ Morgan Play Centre (Surrey, BC) : Between $5.99-$13.99

Morgan Play Centre is a great option for anyone in the South Surrey area. Lots of spaces for all ages, giant slides, and it’s located directly next to a Starbucks. Check it out here.

☔️ Toys R Us at the Willowbrook Mall (Langley, BC) : Free (for those with self-control)

Did you know that Toys R Us has little play stations all through the store? And PRO TIP: have your child go around and take pictures of things they want for their birthday/Christmas etc. and then you won’t be spending the whole trip fielding shopping requests. The Willowbrook Mall is also a pretty fun space (and they will be opening a new open-air section soon). ⁣Check them out here.

☔️ Public Libraries (All over YVR): Free

The library isn’t 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 the library anymore. Play structures, puzzles, story times and more. Check the Surrey Libraries website for times and events like story time and more.

⁣☔️ Oh My Land Club (Coquitlam, BC): $15-$20

This one is the most expensive on the list but most definitely worth every penny! Seriously! This place is a WONDERLAND! Do you ever walk into a place and think, “Wow! This was designed by a single white man without kids!” Well, this place is the complete opposite. I went with a friend of mine and her kiddos and every time we turned a corner we kept proclaiming, “They thought of EVERYTHING.” Water tables complete with long sleeve water-proof aprons, sensory bin rooms, sing-a-longs for the little ones, ball pit, rock climbing, baby space complete with nursing area, hand-washing stations… I’m telling you… worth every penny (for drop-in- their yearly passes are a bit nuts). For more info check them out here.

☔️ Tsawwassen Mills Mall (Tsawwassen, BC): Free (for those with self-control)

This is a great mall during the week because it’s pretty quiet and it’s a great big circle (so you can run that toddler until nap time). They also have a play structure in the middle to climb on, Mastermind Toys to visit (I set a timer for Suubs in the toys store 😜), an aquarium full of fish at the Outdoor World, and of course Stuff Riders! The Stuff Riders are $8.50-$12.50 for your first 10 minutes and then you get charged per minute, but it’s definitely a fun treat now and again.⁣ Check them out here.

☔️ Surrey Recreation Stay & Play (Surrey, BC): $3.75

This has been the greatest discovery thanks to a Dance Momma friend of mine. Stay and Play is only $3.75 and your kiddo gets a good two hours of gym time to run, bike, climb and PLAY. Parent supervision is required, check the Surrey Recreation website for times and locations.⁣ If you’re not in Surrey, be sure to check out the programs at the local recreation centres… because they’re awesome, and pretty cheap.

☔️ IKEA (Coquitlam & Richmond): Free (for those with self-control)

I mean, inexpensive food (kids meals range from $3.49-$4.99), toys to play with, and lots of space to walk and play. Always a win 🥇 ⁣

☔️ Museum of Surrey (Surrey, BC): FREE

We all know about my love for this place! It’s absolutely free and they constantly have special events happening, a great big indoor playground, nursing stations, and of course the museum! ⁣Click here for more details.

Do you have a favourite rainy day hangout? Let me know in the comments and follow for more fun around YVR 🎉⁣