The Gentle Project

In the past, whenever I have made “big announcements,” they have been really BIG announcements. For example: “SURPRISE I’m moving to Uganda!” Or, “Surprise, I’m married!” So I shouldn’t have been surprised when I announced on Instagram I had a “big” announcement, and everybody over shot. No, I’m not moving or winning a Grammy. This announcement does … Continue reading The Gentle Project

Monday Moment of Joy: Netflix

Working at a high school is great for lots of reasons… lots of respectable, admirable reasons. One reason I love working at a school (probably not the most respectable, and admirable of them) is my true love for Summer Vacation. I get almost two full months that I can spend in any way I choose. … Continue reading Monday Moment of Joy: Netflix

How to Keep your Husband Alive

When I got married to my husband, Giddy, I had a lot of people volunteer relationship advice: Never let the sun go down on your anger Men want sex all the time; prepare yourself Your first year of marriage is going to be hard  Never say “you always,” or “you never”  And then, of course, … Continue reading How to Keep your Husband Alive

How To Forget Where You Live

Hi. My name is Ashley, And I’m a stalker. *Insert many other voices greeting me in unison* Don’t worry; there is not some poor schmuck somewhere whose unrequited love has driven me into hysteria. No, the object of my stalking is actually a house, to be more specific, the house I grew up in. My … Continue reading How To Forget Where You Live