How to Keep your Husband Alive

When I got married to my husband, Giddy, I had a lot of people volunteer relationship advice: Never let the sun go down on your anger Men want sex all the time; prepare yourself Your first year of marriage is going to be hard  Never say “you always,” or “you never”  And then, of course, … Continue reading How to Keep your Husband Alive


Monday Moment of Joy: Target

I love Target and I don’t care who knows it. I even loved CANADIAN Target. Talk about commitment. For those of you Americans who don’t know what I mean, let me give you the Coles Notes version of what happened with Canadian Target. Canada did not have Target Target was brought to Canada Ashley rejoiced … Continue reading Monday Moment of Joy: Target

Dear Meghan Trainor

Dear Meghan Trainor, We, you and me, are all right. Go ahead; take a deep sigh of relief. I read a blog the other day, crediting you to a lot of things I don’t believe you’re responsible for (Taylor was right, haters are going to hate). In lieu of this, I thought you’d be happy … Continue reading Dear Meghan Trainor