How To Get Free Stuff On Your Birthday

I love my birthday!

I have no shame in planning myself a birthday party, wearing a “Birthday Girl” sash, and proudly announcing the countdown before my birthday occurs. Being a December baby has turned me into a bit more of a birthday enthusiast; maybe it’s the need to compensate for the fact that my birthday is slightly overshadowed by Jesus’ (fair).

If I were to compare myself to anyone and their ability to celebrate their own birthday with gusto, it would be Oprah. Yes, not only have I admitted I love my own birthday, I have also compared myself to Oprah.

With the right budget I too would make it rain with luxury vehicles, and fancy kitchenware for all my friends and family. My birthday would be a televised event which was celebrated for weeks upon end.


Sadly, I don’t have the budget required to truly celebrate my birthday in style, therefore, I rely upon freebies to give off the allusion of birthday extravagance.

Free birthday swag has become one of my favourite parts of my birthday, for the following reasons:

  1. Presents from strangers are exciting (not to be confused with candy from strangers… do not take candy from strangers)
  2. I get to celebrate my birthday for (at least) a week.
  3. It becomes socially acceptable for me to announce, “It’s my BIRTHDAY!” in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

So, in true Oprah-like-fashion, I am sharing with you my free birthday swag secrets.

*Insert Ashley yelling “EVERYBODY GETS FREE BIRTHDAY STUFF” in her best Oprah impression*

Free breakfast at Denny’s: All you need to do is bring in your ID and a friend, and you get a free breakfast. Yum!

Free drink at Starbucks: Sign-up for Starbucks rewards (which is awesome for more than just birthdays) and receive a free drink on your birthday.

Free tea at David’s Tea: Become a “Frequent Steeper” and receive a free drink on your special day.

Present from Sephora: Become a beauty insider and receive a free birthday gift (and free goodies all year long as you earn points).

Free dinner at Washington Avenue Grill, The Hawthorn, or The Vault: Sign-up online, bring a friend, and receive a free dinner at anyone of these restaurants. This year, I went to The Vault and it was absolutely delicious!

Free dinner at Edith & Arthurs: Sign-up online, bring a friend, and receive a free dinner. My husband and I also received an email on our anniversary for a free bottle of champagne and free dessert.

Free burger at Red Robins: Sign-up online, bring a friend and get a free burger on your birthday. Always yummy! And… bottomless fries and freckled lemonade!

Free Booster Juice: Sign-up online and get a free Booster Juice!

Krispy Kreme: Sign-up for their e-club and receive a free donut and coffee.

Forever Yours Lingerie:  Sign-up for their points program and receive $20 off a $75 purchase during your birthday week.

Smash + Tess:  Sign- up for Romper rewards for a $10 off coupon.

Pearl Fever: Register on their app and receive a free drink on your birthday (or 10 days after)

There are plenty of places that will give you a free dessert or some kind of discount on your birthday, but the list above is my list of favs (Ashley’s Favourite Things, if you will) because most of them are completely free.

I hope this list brings you as much joy as it brings me, and I hope it helps make your birthday just little bit happier 🙂

Do you have any fun birthday traditions?

Free birthday swag locations you want to share?

Comment below and share the birthday joy.

One thought on “How To Get Free Stuff On Your Birthday

  1. London drugs adds a $5 voucher to your loyalty account. And the body shop also credits your rewards account for your birthday.


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