How to Play with Your Toddler (Even When You’d Rather Be Watching Bluey)!

Hey there fellow moms! As much as we love our little ones, there are times when the thought of playing with them just seems like a Herculean task. Maybe it’s because we’re tired or stressed or just plain bored. Whatever the reason, the truth is that playing with our toddlers is important for their development and our relationship with them. So, how do we engage in play when we absolutely do not feel like it? Let’s explore!

First of all, let’s acknowledge that it’s okay to not always feel like playing. We’re human, and sometimes we need a break. But if we want to be intentional about our parenting and build strong connections with our kids, we need to find ways to engage with them even when we’re not feeling it.

One way to do this is to let our kids take the lead in play. We may not be in the mood to play dolls or cars, but if our child is excited about it, we can use their enthusiasm to fuel our own. Ask them questions about the game they’re playing or the characters they’re acting out. Get curious about their ideas and let their creativity spark your own.

Another trick is to set a timer for playtime. Commit to playing with your child for a set amount of time, say 15 or 30 minutes, and then give yourself permission to move on to something else. This can take the pressure off and help you stay present in the moment. Plus, your child will feel valued and loved by having your undivided attention for that short period of time.

If you’re really struggling to get into the play mindset, try incorporating elements that you enjoy. Maybe you love music, so you can sing and dance along with your child. Or perhaps you like to be outdoors, so you can play a game of tag or hide-and-seek in the backyard. Find ways to make playtime enjoyable for both you and your child.

Finally, let’s talk about the beloved TV show, Bluey. We all know that sometimes our kids want to watch a show or movie instead of playing, and that’s okay too. But what if we could make screen time a little more interactive? Bluey is a great show for this because it’s all about imaginative play and family relationships. Watch an episode with your child and then try acting out one of the scenes together. You might be surprised at how much fun you have!

So, there you have it! Playing with our toddlers may not always be our top choice, but it’s a crucial part of parenting. By letting our kids take the lead, setting a timer, incorporating our own interests, and even using TV shows like Bluey, we can make playtime more enjoyable and meaningful for everyone involved. Let’s show our little ones that we love them, even when we’re not feeling particularly playful.

Thanks for reading, and happy parenting!


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