Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

I have read every mom-blog that exists about toddler travel, and lived vicariously through others while I awaited our time to finally travel with the kid.

This past week we finally got a chance to travel (for work, but also with the whole family, so I’ll take it). I’m glad we got a little travel-taster with a short domestic flight before we do a big international trip.

Here’s what helped with the kid :

Car seat bag: I bought a car seat bag on Amazon that has handles on it and backpack straps. It was tremendously helpful and helped to keep our car seat clean. My friend also put a little backpack filled with diapers inside her car seat to make extra space on her carry-on and I marveled at the brilliance. I’ll for sure do that next time.

Snacks and Containers: I went to the dollar store and got some wonderful snack containers. I didn’t do all my shopping in the container section though; our dollar store has a crafting section and they had some wonderful little divided containers. We packed berries and other fruit in the divided containers, and dry snacks in the stackable ones. Next time though, I will only put dry fruit in the divided containers; I put pineapple in one and it got leaky. Which leads me to my favorite travel item for every family member.

Glad Press’N Seal: I’m telling you this is one of my favorite travel hacks that I’ve used for years. I’ve never had to clean up shampoo messes because of it! Use Glad Press’N Seal to cover the lids of any container that could leak. When you arrive, remove it and save it for the trip home; it’s far sturdier and reusable than Saran Wrap.

Umbrella Stroller: No big sell here. We almost didn’t bring it because we didn’t know how helpful it would be. It was helpful even though we were pretty close to everything. Toddlers are tricky creatures who sometimes need to be confined. That’s all on that.

iPad: Wow, ground breaking stuff Ashley! Kids like technology?! Shhhh don’t give away all your secrets. But seriously, I downloaded girlfriends favorite shows from Netflix and Disney + and it saved the day several times. I brought colouring and toys, but sometimes you face problems only Peppa Pig and Bluey can fix. I also love the case we have; it stands up on its own, has handles, and packs easily.

Play Pen: listen, I know this one won’t be a necessity for everyone. However, in 2020 we stayed at a hotel where the kid got lice from sleeping in the hotel’s crib. After that our own playpen became a necessity. Another option is bring garbage bags to wrap the crib mattress in and bring your own bedding. Trust no one.

Colouring: I love the Melissa & Doug Water Wow sets because I don’t need to bring a ton of markers or colouring books. Once the sheets dry, they’re ready to use again.

Here’s my Amazon list of some of the go-to products I mentioned and more:

When it came to the actual flight, girlfriend did pretty well, however her ears were really bothering her during take-off and landing. I brought lollipops for her but messed up the timing, so by the time we were actually taking off or landing it was done. Any tips for plugged and popping kiddo ears?

Hope this was helpful amidst all the other many blogs about traveling kiddos. I know because I’ve read them. All of them.

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