March: Gentle Cleaning Rules for the Month

I know, I know, I need to conclude my February Vegan month still! If you follow me on social media, you will have seen my husband and I recently announced we are expecting a little Halfrican™ bundle in August. I wanted to wait on talking about being Vegan because I REALLY wanted to address what … Continue reading March: Gentle Cleaning Rules for the Month

Gentle Eating: Mid-Month Update

My Vegan month has been eventful thus far.  I must confess, I’ve slipped up a few times.  I went to A&W for a Beyond Meat burger and was very conscientious about stating boldly “NO CHEESE” at the drive-thru window. Then, about half way through eating the burger, I realized it was riddled with mayo. Oops.  … Continue reading Gentle Eating: Mid-Month Update

January: Rules for the Month

Eco Footprint: I am currently using 20.3 Hectares of land (Average Canadian: 9 Hectares), 2.3 Earths, and my "Overshoot day" is June 10th  All I Want for Christmas is EVERYTHING The Christmas season is always a great reminder for me of all the crap I think I need. I am all of a sudden acutely … Continue reading January: Rules for the Month

The Gentle Project

In the past, whenever I have made “big announcements,” they have been really BIG announcements. For example: “SURPRISE I’m moving to Uganda!” Or, “Surprise, I’m married!” So I shouldn’t have been surprised when I announced on Instagram I had a “big” announcement, and everybody over shot. No, I’m not moving or winning a Grammy. This announcement does … Continue reading The Gentle Project

Monday Moments of Joy: Money Saving Apps

My husband finds my love for points programs comical. He knows that almost everywhere we go I have a punch card, a phone number to give, or an app to make use of. Though my enthusiasm for contests and rewards programs may seem a little “intense” (Me? Intense? Never!), our household does end up saving … Continue reading Monday Moments of Joy: Money Saving Apps

Dear Amy Schumer,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I was not offended by your movie, “I Feel Pretty.”  In fact, I’ll take it one step further: I left your film and I felt pretty.  I read an article the other day written by a fellow female movie goer who seemed morally and ethically offended … Continue reading Dear Amy Schumer,

Monday Moment of Joy: Surviving the Outdoors

I am not a camper.  Yes, yes, I know. I live in BC! I should be adorned in head to toe North Face, traveling in a canoe towards a secluded island for camping adventures every weekend.  But I’m not.  Because I don’t like camping.  You’re not going to change me.  Stop trying to make me … Continue reading Monday Moment of Joy: Surviving the Outdoors

Monday Moment of Joy: Tiffany Haddish

Have you ever watched a movie, or seen a celebrity interview and thought, “I want *insert celebrity name here* to be my best friend. We would have a blast together; they would grow to love me. This is destiny”?  That’s how I feel every time I see Tiffany Haddish do anything. I am certain I … Continue reading Monday Moment of Joy: Tiffany Haddish

Are you pregnant?

I am not pregnant. Just in case you were wondering. I thought I would let you know because I am asked… often. How often? Modestly: once a week. Let me repeat: I am not pregnant. I know I am a married woman, of a childbearing age, but I do not feel these facts should give … Continue reading Are you pregnant?

A 30 Year Old’s Guide to High School

High School is not easy. Hormones, homework, and trying not to forget your gym strip… and it is not any easier for the students. I should explain; I am an Education Assistant at a High School, which means I spend my day supporting students in their classes. I balance a fine line between being the “other” … Continue reading A 30 Year Old’s Guide to High School