Gentle Eating: Mid-Month Update

My Vegan month has been eventful thus far. 

I must confess, I’ve slipped up a few times. 

I went to A&W for a Beyond Meat burger and was very conscientious about stating boldly “NO CHEESE” at the drive-thru window. Then, about half way through eating the burger, I realized it was riddled with mayo. Oops. 

Last week, in a famished blur, I saw one of my students with a giant bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. Before I could even think about Vegan anything I found myself making intense eye contact with said student and muttering, “What’s good?” as I reached out my cupped hands for Cheetos.  

In the same way I discovered mindfulness during my January of “Gentle Waste,” I’ve been realizing how much more mindful I need to be to find success living a Vegan lifestyle. No hazy brained adventures to the drive-thru in the morning, every restaurant visit requires very diligent reading of menus beforehand, and cooking at home requires a great deal more creativity and thought. 49864750_340699400105138_4016678476353372160_n

But with that said, when I put thought into my meals, I don’t feel that I am making huge sacrifices with my eating. One of the first things people said to me when they found out I was going to eat Vegan for the month was, “Sooo, you’re going to eat lettuce?” At that time I would ignorantly respond, “Yeah, I guess so,” however now I know that’s not always the case. Vegans are a creative lot and whether it be “burgers” or “cream” sauces, or “cheese,” I have been able to find delicious replacements for most things. I would choke a salmon with my bare hands for some sushi right now though. I do not have the patience or the time to be rolling my own sushi rolls. That’s another kind of extra that I’m just not. 

Stay tuned to my Instagram account as later this month I will have special Instagram live interviews with some talented Vegans.

For those interested, here are some great recipes and references I have discovered so far.

I found this TED Talk from Erin Ireland fascinating. Vegan or dedicated carnivore will find this a useful watch.

Plant Based News has been an interesting resource:


Erin Ireland’s version of the Virtuous Pie “Stranger Wings” Pizza (This is one of my absolute favourites):

One of my favourite websites for Vegan recipes is:

Here’s a link to my “VEGAN” board on Pinterest:



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