March: Gentle Cleaning Rules for the Month

I know, I know, I need to conclude my February Vegan month still! If you follow me on social media, you will have seen my husband and I recently announced we are expecting a little Halfrican™ bundle in August. I wanted to wait on talking about being Vegan because I REALLY wanted to address what it’s been like being Vegan for the month AND being pregnant (spoiler alert: it’s been a real treat). It made it hard to talk about vegan pregnancy before actually announcing that I’m pregnant. So look forward to that coming soon. IMG_9122

Meanwhile, it’s March which means new month, new project! 

This month I am going to venture into Gentle Cleaning. I am going to overhaul our house and see what I can do to get as many cleaning chemicals out as possible. I am also going to clean like I’ve never cleaned before… which I am beyond excited about. I can highly identify with Monica on “Friends”… except the episode where she has a secret closet where she keeps all her mess, I can not handle that business. And before you say “Oh, you must be nesting,” I am not. My love for cleaning and organizing is just me on a normal day. Same thing with my love for naps and snacking… completely unrelated to pregnancy, it’s just how I roll. 

All throughout my high school days, I worked at a wonderful fish market to which I credit for teaching me how to clean. There I learned how to sweep effectively, how to clean sharpie off of a counter top, how to wash dishes by hand and, most importantly, bleach everything! I became accustomed to associating the sensation of something being “clean” with the smell of bleach, and have carried this into adulthood. However, my house is not a fish market, and does not require the same amount of disinfecting. So this month, I shall teach myself new ways! 

Here are my Gentle Cleaning goals for the month: 

  1. Replace household cleaning chemicals with natural solutions
  2. Experiment with different DIY cleaners
  3. Clean, Organize, Purge! 
  4. Continue to reduce household waste
  5. Continue to explore new Vegan recipes

As I have for the past two months, I’d love any tips and resources from those who are wiser than I. Let me have it; what do I need to know about chemical free cleaning? 

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